Empringham Disposal wins 2016 Business of the Year | Young Entrepreneur

Third Generation Empringham entrepreneur gets an early start

By the time Rio Empringham was fifteen, he’d been working and engaging in business activities for a long time. “l worked for my parents in their construction business,” he explains, “had a paper route, then started flipping vehicles.” In the spring of 2012, he had saved up enough money to buy 4 bins, and his parents signed for a truck loan, and thus began Empringham Disposal.

“I drove my garbage truck to school at Hunting Hills every day, and that big thing took up four spaces,” laughs Empringham. “I’m pretty sure the school was glad to see me finish and get my truck out of the parking lot.”

This is what Rio wants to do. He loves being in business, and enjoys focusing his efforts on providing the best possible customer care. Over the last 4.5 years, his company has grown to over 200 bins and 4 trucks, providing service to construction sites, commercial sites, and now starting in residential service all across Central Alberta.

Rio says what matters to him most in business is delivering on his promises and building a solid reputation as a company that offers good value and is always true to its word. “You don’t need to try and get rich off of every customer,” he says. “Of course I want to grow and expand, but it’s much more important that I always maintain that personalized, excellent customer service. I never want to get so big that I forget to take care of my customers.”

He learned his entrepreneurial ways and good values from his parents, who own a construction company, and from his Grandpa, who first put the Empringham name on a truck. “My grandpa had a company in Regina called ‘Empringham Catering’, and later he owned a restaurant there. I think he would be proud to see the Empringham name still on the side of a truck, still carrying on that entrepreneurial spirit.”

Rio is a finalist in the new Red Deer Chamber Business of the Year Awards category for Young Entrepreneurs.

Company Goal: To provide our customers with an easy, affordable, hassle free waste management option. To build a Strong reputation in central Alberta. To push forward with recycling and waste diversion.

Our Customers
  • Business Owners
  • Home Builders
  • Construction Company’s
  • Roofers
  • Restoration Specialist
  • Property Management Companies
New Construction Projects
Empringham Disposal assists new home builders in the Red Deer area with garbage / trash / junk removal from residential construction and commercial construction projects.We support several builders in the area and are building our inventory of equipment to expand that client base. We are experienced professionals and offer great rates.

Renovation Projects
Empringham Disposal also assists carpenters and home renovators in the Red Deer area with garbage / trash / junk removal from renovation projects.Again, our rates are very competitive.

General Junk Removal
Empringham Disposal also assists home and business owners with general clean up and garbage/ trash / junk removal.Call us and get a quote.

Empringham Disposal, Red Deer – Specializing in Garbage Bin Rental.

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